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Falling Hard for Hard Cider


We love wine at Eagle Eye, but we also have a fine appreciation for all kinds of other beverages: beer, cocktails, fine spirits and hard ciders... if it's well made, and delivers the best quality for the price, as well as being authentic to the style to which it aspires... we are more than [...]

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Château des Karantes Scores High with Wine Spectator

WS Karantes Ratings 5-2-14[1]

We are pleased to announce that in the upcoming issue of Wine Spectator, Château des Karantes has been awarded 90 points for the 2011 Bergerie Rouge and 90 points for the 2010 Château des Karantes Rouge! You can read the reviews below. CHÂTEAU DES KARANTES Languedoc La Clape 2010 The [...]

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What’s with organic wine, anyway?


Organic, biodynamic, natural wines…. These wines are all the rage recently, and understandably, as many people are paying more attention to what food and drink they put in their body.  But what do these labels actually mean? Are they making the wine better? Organic wines are those made from [...]

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Harvest at Tenuta Mazzolino in Pictures

One of the newest members of our Michigan & Illinois portfolio is the highly respected Tenuta Mazzolino.  This incredible estate in Lombardia, (DOC Oltrepo Pavese) which sits on north facing hillsides produces world class [...]

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It Takes a Village (Or Two!)

photo 4

A cooperative winery is not a concept most people outside of the wine industry are familiar with. Cooperatives, or coops, are owned by their member wine growers. The growers deliver their grapes to the winery at harvest, and the coop makes and sells the wine. Coops do not necessarily have a [...]

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Acidity Makes a Comeback

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 2.20.03 PM

For several years now, I’ve noticed a change on many wine lists across America. I’m seeing fewer and fewer restaurants emphasizing blockbuster Cabs from Napa Valley, powerhouse Shiraz’s from Australia, or even buttery and creamy Chardonnay’s from the Russian River Valley. Wines like riesling, [...]

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Beauty along the Vosges Mountains


Riding the train to Colmar from Strasbourg, the tracks wind down the eastern side of the Vosges Mountains, the very mountains that play such a key role in the terroir of the Alsace wine region. They block the vineyards from strong western winds and cast a rain shadow over the area – meaning [...]

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Jardin en Fleurs Vouvray – An Impressive Balancing Act


Striking the perfect balance can be difficult, but when I think of Jardins en Fleurs, the most recent wine to be launched by Eagle Eye Brands, it is the first thing that comes to mind. Vouvray, a region on the Loire Valley whose wines are made from 100% Chenin Blanc, is unique even among [...]

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Celebrating our 10-year anniversary at Eagle Eye


Since 2003, our credo at Eagle Eye has been founded on 3 principles:

Authenticity: Choosing wines that are terroir-driven, with an inherent sense of place Accessibility: Sourcing high quality wine for the best possible [...]

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