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Le Beaujolais Nouveau est Arrivé v 2K13

Is it the third Thursday of November already??? Now I have only been in this trade for 10 short years... Ten years? already? Oh boy. Anyways, I can only imagine how great Beaujolais Nouveau must have been in 70's and 80's. It must have been one of the greatest party scenes of all time, one [...]

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Pasta alla Trapanese & Grillo “a match made in Marsala”


This past July, I traveled through Sicily after a few years since my last trip there, and spent time in the southwestern part of the Island. I was completely charmed by the beauty of the seascape, the colors, the hospitality and the food and wines of this land. The apotheosis of the trip was [...]

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Beauty along the Vosges Mountains


Riding the train to Colmar from Strasbourg, the tracks wind down the eastern side of the Vosges Mountains, the very mountains that play such a key role in the terroir of the Alsace wine region. They block the vineyards from strong western winds and cast a rain shadow over the area – meaning [...]

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Branch Out


Someone very close to me recently said she wouldn't try homemade pork chops that had been prepared for dinner. When I asked why, she said "because I don't like pork chops!" To that, I asked, "have you ever tried pork chops?". The answer was "no". Well, then how do you know you don't like them? [...]

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