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New Year, New Wine: Irvine Cellars


With six vineyards spanning 400 acres of premium Barossa and Eden Valley land in southern Australia, Irvine Cellars is one of the largest and most prestigious privately-owned wineries in the region. Against the grain of their neighbors and what had [...]

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Napa Valley’s Finest: Gamble Family Vineyards


If I were to mention the likes of Napa Valley producers such as Cardinale, Silver Oak, Dominus, Far Niente, Rudd and even …..Screaming Eagle, pretty familiar with those names, yes?  What if I were to also tell you that Gamble Family Vineyards has been around longer than the rest of those [...]

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Falling Hard for Hard Cider


We love wine at Eagle Eye, but we also have a fine appreciation for all kinds of other beverages: beer, cocktails, fine spirits and hard ciders... if it's well made, and delivers the best quality for the price, as well as being authentic to the style to which it aspires... we are more than [...]

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What’s with organic wine, anyway?


Organic, biodynamic, natural wines…. These wines are all the rage recently, and understandably, as many people are paying more attention to what food and drink they put in their body.  But what do these labels actually mean? Are they making the wine better? Organic wines are those made from [...]

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Pasta alla Trapanese & Grillo “a match made in Marsala”


This past July, I traveled through Sicily after a few years since my last trip there, and spent time in the southwestern part of the Island. I was completely charmed by the beauty of the seascape, the colors, the hospitality and the food and wines of this land. The apotheosis of the trip was [...]

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Real men drink pink


Spring is defined by an awakening of the earth from it's winter dormancy into a slow progressive bloom.  Birds begin to sing sweet celebratory songs, raucous rain flushes clean the bounty of what needs preparatory cleansing , and buds begin to break on every branch, shrub and stem pushing forth [...]

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Jardin en Fleurs Vouvray – An Impressive Balancing Act


Striking the perfect balance can be difficult, but when I think of Jardins en Fleurs, the most recent wine to be launched by Eagle Eye Brands, it is the first thing that comes to mind. Vouvray, a region on the Loire Valley whose wines are made from 100% Chenin Blanc, is unique even among [...]

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