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It Takes a Village (Or Two!)

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A cooperative winery is not a concept most people outside of the wine industry are familiar with. Cooperatives, or coops, are owned by their member wine growers. The growers deliver their grapes to the winery at harvest, and the coop makes and sells the wine. Coops do not necessarily have a [...]

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Pasta alla Trapanese & Grillo “a match made in Marsala”


This past July, I traveled through Sicily after a few years since my last trip there, and spent time in the southwestern part of the Island. I was completely charmed by the beauty of the seascape, the colors, the hospitality and the food and wines of this land. The apotheosis of the trip was [...]

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Acidity Makes a Comeback

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For several years now, I’ve noticed a change on many wine lists across America. I’m seeing fewer and fewer restaurants emphasizing blockbuster Cabs from Napa Valley, powerhouse Shiraz’s from Australia, or even buttery and creamy Chardonnay’s from the Russian River Valley. Wines like riesling, [...]

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asparagi bianchi con salsa Bolzanina

I love Spring and Spring menus. This is the time of the year that brings back the sweetest memories of growing up in northern Italy where I was born. The older folks would forage “erbette selvatiche” or wild herbs from the fields and make delicious soups, risotto and various types of [...]

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Real men drink pink


Spring is defined by an awakening of the earth from it's winter dormancy into a slow progressive bloom.  Birds begin to sing sweet celebratory songs, raucous rain flushes clean the bounty of what needs preparatory cleansing , and buds begin to break on every branch, shrub and stem pushing forth [...]

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Prowein – The World’s Fastest Three Days

There are a lot of wine shows out there, a lot of great wine shows, and just about all of them claim to be the largest, biggest, and best. This year, I attended Prowein in Dusseldorf for the first time from March 24 to 26, and walked away thinking "Wow, Prowein - The World's Fastest Three [...]

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Beauty along the Vosges Mountains


Riding the train to Colmar from Strasbourg, the tracks wind down the eastern side of the Vosges Mountains, the very mountains that play such a key role in the terroir of the Alsace wine region. They block the vineyards from strong western winds and cast a rain shadow over the area – meaning [...]

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Marrying Wine with Cheese


There is something extremely harmonious about a perfect marriage between a wine and a cheese. But, as we all know, not all marriages work. To be the perfect matchmaker, I always use this rule of thumb; White wines in general will accompany a wider variety of cheeses than red wine. A Pinot Gris [...]

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Branch Out


Someone very close to me recently said she wouldn't try homemade pork chops that had been prepared for dinner. When I asked why, she said "because I don't like pork chops!" To that, I asked, "have you ever tried pork chops?". The answer was "no". Well, then how do you know you don't like them? [...]

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Scores…..glorious scores!


Some forces cannot be denied: The smoldering hot rays of the earth's scorching sun, for example. The penetrating waves of a frightening Tsunami as they crash the coastline. William "The Refrigerator" Perry as he rolled over the feeble New England England defense for a touchdown on the 1 yard [...]

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