We love wine at Eagle Eye, but we also have a fine appreciation for all kinds of other beverages: beer, cocktails, fine spirits and hard ciders… if it’s well made, and delivers the best quality for the price, as well as being authentic to the style to which it aspires… we are more than happy to bring it to our customers!

Which is why we are excited to announce that we are now the distributors for Blue Mountain Cider Company in Michigan. This is our first foray into the world of hard ciders (or any alcoholic beverage other than wine!) and a big step forward for us.

High quality hard cider, like high quality wine, starts with the quality of the fruit being grown. The apples used aren’t the ones we eat, they are more similar to small crab apples so create a beverage with bright acidity and rich tannins. The apples are crushed into what is known as pomace, and then pressed for juice or must. That must is placed into tanks or casks to ferment – fully for a dry cider, or filtered part way through the process for sweet cider. After about three months of maturation, ciders are filtered (or not), and then carbonation is added (or not).

To learn more about the ciders that we are distributing, check out our page on Blue Mountain Cider Company.