Since 1830 Clos Triguedina has been the cradle of the Baldès family. It is a domain with a rich history: one where the pilgrims of St Jacques de Compostela would often stop to revive themeselves (“me trigo de dina” means “I am longing to dine” in Occitan).

Equally it is a land which has enabled each Baldès generation to give full display to their knowledge, to their emotions and passions and to their pioneering sense of adventure, identifying them as one of the founding families of the Cahors Appellation.

Set in the heart of the Cahors wine region, the estate stretches over nearly 65 hectares (160 acres) between the bends of the River Lot in a lovely green setting near Puy l’Evêque. Its silicious clay or clay-and-limestone soil is ideal for the production of wines of Classed Growth status.

As a talented wine-grower, Jean-Luc BALDES has developed a wide range of wines, including the New Black Wine, Probus, and the traditional Clos Triguedina.

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