Trentino lies in the picturesque Alpine setting in the Northenmostpart of Italy, where the River Adige winds its way down beneath the towering peaks. The area shares borders of Austria and Switzerland to the North, the Veneto region to the East and Lombardy to the west. This region may be divided into three climatic zones: the valley of the lakes, with its Mediterranean climate, the Val d’Adige, with its sub-continental climate, and the lateral river valleys with their Alpine weather.

The composition of the soil is equally varied, and it is this factor that has permitted a wide variety of grapes to find their ideal individual habitat: The great variation in temperature between day and night during the days before harvest give the wines produced in the area their unique bouquet. Climate in this area is particularly suited to grape production; therefore the wine-making is an ancient tradition in the Trentino Region; archaeological findings confirm the existence of vineyards even as early as the Etruscan period.

Today the Trentino region offers a production of wines of excellent quality, light in style with a special fragrance of its own. The Gaierhof winery lies in Rovere della Luna – a small town that stands on a hill rising from the Adige Valley surrounded by peaks. Roverè della Luna is only a few hundred meters away from the invisible border with Austria, and owes it romantic name to the fact that a majestic oak tree once stood at the center of the town and the River Adige that runs through the center of valley here makes a turn that looks like a half-moon when seen from the road.

The Gaierhof Winery was founded in 1976 by its owner Luigi Togn and ownes its name to the mountain in front of it – GAIER – who shows its benfits by receiving the heat from the sun during the day and releasing that warmth to the vineyards during the night, preventing the frost of the winter.

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