The Mellot name has been associated with wine since 1513. César Mellot gained his reputation as wine advisor to Louis XIV, and was the head of a long dynasty of passionate winegrowers whose know-how has been passed from generation to generation. Today, Catherine oversees the Joseph Mellot estate’s 90 hectares in all of the Centre-Loire region’s appellations.

Today, Jospeh Mellot is at the fore front of environmentally friendly wine making. At the present time in France, there is a great deal of media coverage about the highly successful 10:10 campaign initiated by the photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand.

Joseph Mellot, a family-run estate that specializes in the production of Loire Valley wines from the Centre region, joined the campaign in the autumn of 2009. It was the first winery and the first French company to make the 10:10 commitment.

The estate decided to publicize its commitment to the campaign by featuring the 10:10 logo on its “green” bottle – an original way to communicate the 10:10 message with the first 10:10 wine! The Green Bottle, made out of PET (weighing 54 grams as opposed to 480 grams for a glass bottle), has already been launched in the English market. The 10:10 campaign naturally fits in with the estate’s strong environmental position which has been acknowledged by ISO 14001 certification.

During this period, the winery considerably improved its ecological footprint with a 10.3% reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases resulting from packaging (the biggest source of CO2 emissions in the carbon footprint assessment). This was made possible by reducing the weight of glass bottles (the average weight of an empty bottle went from 473g in 2008 to 446g in 2009 and by launching the PET bottle.

This represents a savings of 19 tons of CO2, the equivalent of driving your car 94,000 miles.

Concurrently, all of the actions Joseph Mellot has taken have resulted in a considerable 25% reduction in fuel consumption (or the equivalent of driving 15,500 miles).

The winery has also chosen to improve upon the disposal of its waste (plastic, cardboard, glass) through specialized channels, allowing for better recycling and additional carbon savings.

All of the tours of the Joseph Mellot estates are conducted in small electric cars.

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