The Estate of Le Siepi di San Giovanni is located in the Northern Appennines, in the picturesque Santerno River Valley near the ancient city of Bologna in the Emilia-Romagna region.

Le Siepi di San Giovani, owned by the Zuffa family, was started in 1960. The second- and third-generation family members are now gearing up for the third-millennium wine making era, founded on the strength of a long tradition based on consistently using natural products and many years of industry-specific experience.

The property is about 40 hectares and comprises about 11 hectares of  vineyards.   The grape production is located in the heart of the property on the slopes of the gentle rolling hills that surround the property and are an integral part of the lush landscape.  The elevation of the vineyards is around 550 to 650 feet.


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