The story of the Matetic Winery begins in 1999 when the Matetic family decided to diversify their business ventures and enter the world of wine, confident in the virtues of the climate and soils in the Rosario Valley.

Matetic vineyards is located in Rosario Valley, a subdivisión of San Antonio Valley, 120 kilometers from Santiago between Casablanca and San Antonio. This completely enclosed valley, which is 9,000 hectares in length and perpendicular to the ocean, features extraordinary light and possesses the ideal climatic and topographic conditions for both red and white wines. The first 121 planted hectares are in all-organic soils and are producing 100 percent natural grapes.

Temperate mediterranean climate with strong ocean influence and dramatic temperature fluctuations during the day of up to 20 degrees C during the maturation period. Average precipitation is 485 mm per year, concentrated during the winter.

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