The Tenuta La Meridiana of the Bianco Family is situated a few miles south of Asti,in the hills of Monferrato, a region that is the shrine of winemaking in Piedmont. Its vineyards are in a particularly favourable position for the production of Barbera.

The landscape of this region also in the gorgeous colours of the harvest season, when everything is soaking in gold, seems to give the stranger a hint, the idea of fascinating stories to tell in the winter evenings in front of the fire and with a glass of wine in the hands.

There are plenty of narrations witnessing the love of these farmers for their land and for the wine.All seems similar but every farm and every winery has a peculiar story to tell.Among them the story of the Bianco Family at Tenuta La Meridiana has a special enchantment. While most small vinegrowers started producing their own wines a few years ago, the Bianco Family has produced wines from generations. Some documents prove that their wines, already of very high quality,were sold in the big cities in 19th century.

The Biancos were the pioneers for the trend of aging certain Barberas in barriques of French oak, which gave outstanding results and made traditional Barbera a wine for connoisseurs. The characters of the Barbera have been refined and smoothed to highlight its delicate tones without altering its unique aroma. Every glass of Barbera frorm Tenuta la Meridiana offers a unique experience resulting from the constant research of refined aromas.In this case wine is not a simple juice but concentrates in every sip tradition and love, innovation and respect for its ancient origins.

The production of Tenuta la Meridiana is focussed on Barbera both traditional method and Barrique,the range of wines is enriched with Cortese, Grignolino, Dolcetto, a white “Delizia e Collina ”, obtained from Chardonnay, Favorita and Cortese, and last but not least the new “Rivaia ”, noble assembly of Nebbiolo and Barbera. In the story of the Bianco Family and in its range of wines there is also a Malaga wine, the only one produced in Italy.

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