The Furst… wines are produced in the town of Kaysersberg, France.  This town in AOC Alsace, at the foot of the Vosges mountain range, is found in the middle of the regions wine belt. This verdant area takes one’s breath away with it’s amazing wines, history and beauty. Kaysersberg is one of the finest wine growing areas inthe Alsace region. The first vines were brought to the area in the 16th century from Hungary, and wine production is an important aspect of the town’s economy today.

All of The Furst… wines are made by Cave Vinicole de Kietzenheim-Kaysersberg. The Cave is a small consortium of wine growers located on the foothills of the Vosges mountains. Participating growers generally own small vineyards, averaging 3 to 5 acres in size. Such small holdings would not permit each grower to produce enough wine to be commercially viable and certainly not to have enough quantities to export wines. Therefore, the “Cave Vinicole de Kietzenheim-Kayserberg” was created. 

The group limits the number of participating growers as well as Cave employees – there is only one wine maker and ah agronomist on staff who make all of the necessary decisions in order to guarantee quality and consistency in production.