Cupramontana, the ancient native land of verdicchio, is situated in the heart of the Marches, on one of the sunny, green hills bordering the valley of the Esino river.

There the Bonci family has been producing and marketing wine for at least three generations. In the first yars of this century Domenico Bonci started his own wine production but, fine connoisseur as he was, he also carefully selected the products of other business concerns. Showing an outstanding far sightedeness, he used to sell the best wine lots to many foreign visitors,who appreciated the produce of the land made into wine with such fine artisan skill.

At present, the Vallerosa Bonci farm owns 50 hectares of land, of which 35 hectares consist of a specilized vineyard. The vineyards are at an average height of 450m. (1,470 feet) above sea level. San Michele, Torre, Manciano, Carpaneto an Pietrone, in the area of Cupramontana, are the most tradional disctrcts for the productions of this wine.

There are also two experimental vineyards, run with great care in cooperation, run with great care in cooperation with the department of Arboreal Cultivation, Milan University, wichh shows the family’s praiseworthy disposition to research.

The special microclimate, the careful selection of grape, the careful selection of grapes, many years of artisan experience in wine making, combined with the use of the most up to date techniques, make Vallerosa Bonci a leading farm in the field of quality wines and sparkling wines.

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