Spring is defined by an awakening of the earth from it’s winter dormancy into a slow progressive bloom.  Birds begin to sing sweet celebratory songs, raucous rain flushes clean the bounty of what needs preparatory cleansing , and buds begin to break on every branch, shrub and stem pushing forth the proverbial “buds of May” in all their floral splendor.  Bright colors abound and capture our eyes with their lively majestic tone; violet, marigold, white and pink seem to hold hands in harmony.  So with all these splendid changes so easily adored, WHY is it that many men, and women for that matter, limit their beverage consumption to the drab and colorless.  What is wrong with drinking pink??

When offered a beer it takes courage for guys to choose a glass of wine instead, and even more strength for said guy to accept a glass of pink wine. Too often pink is associated with the sugar-laden sips of White Zinfandel, but the world of pink wine, rosé to be specific, is full of pretty pink pours that are anything but sugar kissed.  In fact the world of rosé in a traditional sense is more aptly define by the clear, fresh, succulent and DRY rosé from around the globe.  Namely the  lovely, sea-salt influenced wines of the Mediterranean coast.

Château des Karantes is a magnificent vineyard situated in Languedoc-Rousillon. The domaine is in the heart of a small valley located two minutes away from the Mediterranean between the seaside resort towns of Narbonne Plage and St.Pierre sur Mer. The estate offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea with the Pyrenee Mountains visible in the distance. The estate, nestled in the Mediterranean Garrigue, is made up of 190 hectares, 44 of which are currently planted under vine. The vineyard extends along the limestone, clay and rocky slopes which form the “Massif” or Ridge of La Clape. The entire vineyard is in the Languedoc – La Clape appellation. The location allows the production of quality wines because of its exceptional South-East/East exposure, its proximity to the sea and its Mediterranean climate.

Chateau des Karante’s “Bergerie Rosé is a lovely blend of 45% Grenache, 45% Mourvedre and 10% Syrah, Bergerie Rose displays fresh strawberry and creamy peach aromas. Complex, silky raspberries and subtle sea salt abound the palate with a crescendo of quenching bright acidity. Besides being a “Gold Medal Winner” at the Concourse Generale de Paris…….this wine is just darn good! One of the best on the market for a modest price.

Pink is the new black. Rosé is the new Cabernet. Karantes Bergerie Rosé is the new and fashionable Fendi bag. Why are people SO ready to jump out of a plane skydiving with reckless adrenaline pumped abandoned……….but yet are hesitant to try, and enjoy, a lovely blush hued, dry Mediterranean Rosé??? It is a perfect compliment to Kumumoto Oysters with mignonette, fresh tangy, grassy Goat’s cheese and an ultimate afternoon lunch sipper with salads, sandwiches and simply by itself; anytime of day. Anytime of year.

DRINK PINK. And more of it!