Some forces cannot be denied: The smoldering hot rays of the earth’s scorching sun, for example. The penetrating waves of a frightening Tsunami as they crash the coastline. William “The Refrigerator” Perry as he rolled over the feeble New England England defense for a touchdown on the 1 yard line , in Super Bowl XX. And………the transcendent Robert Parker as he levies a monstrous 90+ rating on wine producer’s product, like the thundering CRACK of a judge’s gavel reigning down a deciding verdict. Right, or wrong!

Wine scores have become as influential in the wine business as the marketing genius behind Superbowl commercials. In my humble opinion, scores should more of the proverbial pat on the back after you discover a treasure reinforcing your decisiveness; not the map guiding you to said “treasure”. However, there is no doubt of the power of press. Coupled with the fact that there are a lot of smart wine folk behind these scores with amazing palates. No shame in trusting the experts I suppose.

Beau Vigne’s cult status and legend is growing day by grape growing day. Their “Stags Ridge Vineyard” sits at about 1,350 feet altitude in the Atlas Peak appellation on the eastern edge of Napa. Stag’s Ridge has become known as a very unique vineyard recognized in the valley as a very special place. You know Beau Vigne has a great vineyard when the top Cabernet cult labels keep inquiring about purchasing their amazing site, and they have to keep telling them, “Not for sale.”

Their winemaker – Kirk Venge – has roots embedded in the winemaking world of Napa Valley. He is a crafty winemaker who has been around vineyards and wineries his entire life. His father, Nils Venge, is an icon in the wine world.
The wines are produced at Orin Swifts production facility.

And since inception, Beau Vigne has been drawing the attention of SIR Robert Parker; getting great reviews and BIG scores. Such is the recent wave of accolades. They released their rare ‘Romeo’ 2010 Cabernet to us this past spring for the first time ever. It recently received an excellent score from Parker’s Wine Advocate. The winery is now sold out and we are VERY low in stock. (a few cases remain) ‘Juliet’ also received a great score for 2010 – good supply in the warehouse, BUT Beau Vigne wines always sell out fast after Parker rates them. Robert Parker = Beau Vigne + high scores = First come, first serveddownload!