The process starts from the primary vinification through which you obtain a dry and still basic wine. Then, there is the “prise de mousse” with the Charmat method; it is the fermentation of the basic wine in an autoclave, which integrates the carbon dioxide, developed during the fermentation. Thanks to this process, the wine becomes Spumante. Then, there are the bottling stage and the quality controls by the relevant authorities. If everything is in order, the wine obtained (Spumante) can be declared “Prosecco” and it can be introduced into the market.

Gardiz Prosecco is light bodied with a small amount of residual sugar. On the nose, there are hints of pear, apple, wild floweres, and citrus. In the mouth, it is fresh and lively with aromas of white peach and sweet and tangy tangerine. It is followed by a smooth, crisp finish.