The wine is fermented after brief maceration on the skinsin temperature-controlled steel vats between 18 and 20°C. The following spring, the tirage process is started by adding sugar and yeasts to the base wine for second fermentation.
The bottled wine is left to rest on the lees (sur lies) in the cellar for at least 18 months. After this period the bottles are put in pupitres for manual riddling. After dégorgement or disgorgement, liqueur d’expédition is added and the wine is released.

It has a crystal-clear salmon-pink color; the aroma is intense, with good complexity and a fine, elegant & persistent perlage. Hints of roses, exotic fruit and cakes. Initially fresh on the palate, then pleasantly soft and delicate, which gives the wine great balance. Best drunk at 6-7°C as an aperitif. At 9-10 °C it is ideal with starters, fish pasta and rice dishes and vegetarian dishes.